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Frequently Asked Questions

I often get questions from readers about my books (I love hearing from readers!), and I thought it would be helpful to share some of the most asked questions here in case you want to know more about Christmas River, one of my other series, or my writing!


Q: Do all the books in the Christmas River series take place at Christmastime?

A: Great question! Out of the 13 books in the series so far, five of them take place at Christmastime. The rest take place throughout the year. But since Christmas River is a tourist destination for those who love Christmas, there is an element of Christmas that can be found in most of the books.

Q: Is Christmas River a real place?

A: Christmas River is a fictional town in Central Oregon, but is based on the real quaint and cozy town of Sisters, Oregon. I live in Bend, a town about thirty minutes away from Sisters.   

Q: Are there going to be more books in the Christmas River series?

A: Yes -- absolutely! Book 14 -- Malarkey in Christmas River -- is up next and will be coming out in 2022. I have no plans of stopping this series, or any of my other series for that matter!

Q: I’ve read all of the books in your Christmas River series and can’t wait until the next one. Do you have any other book suggestions in the meantime?

A: Yes! I have several other popular cozy mystery series, including the Dog Town USA Cozy Mystery Series, The Holly Hopewell Cozy Mystery Series, The Cozy Matchmaker Mystery Series, and The Witches of Broomfield Bay Cozy Mystery Series. You can find them all under the section of my website that says “Meg’s Books.”

Q: I love all of your pie descriptions in Christmas River -- where can I find the recipes?

A: Many recipes from The Christmas River series and my other cozy mysteries can be found on my blog here. But I'm also working on “The Christmas River Cookbook” which will feature many recipes from the series.

Have another question? Don’t hesitate to ask! You can email me, or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!

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